Welcome to my new blog! This is a space to talk about leadership in Tech, women being at the forefront of that and why it matters. Equality will not be possible without women being equally represented in leadership. We are 50% of the population, more than 50% of the workforce, and we need to take our place at the top of business, government and countries. Read more…

Remote working is fast becoming a necessary part of our work lives. In these Covid times, it has become a reality for most businesses worldwide. But is it a trend that’s here to stay? As companies are giving up expensive real-estate in major cities or down-sizing office size to cut costs, we will experience a huge adoption of remote work in the corporate world. Read more

Why is it important for women to be leaders? Realistically, women will not achieve equality until half of our leaders are women. Since the top decision makers implement strategies, create opportunities and essentially hold the majority of the power, without equal representation at the top, women get left behind. Why is that? Read more

When I look for a job these days, I start with looking at the team page before I apply. Is the CEO a man, what about the Managers, any women there? What roles are these women in? Marketing, HR? To apply at a company, I need to see a lot of women managers and I need to see them in all roles, not just the “soft” departments. Read more 

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