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Called the “Everything” woman, I do it all. I analyse businesses and markets, define product offering, design marketing and content strategies, set up workflow processes and implement technical solutions, manage companies, teams or projects. I help businesses be more efficient, optimizing processes to ensure lean operations and maximum productivity.

As an educator, I offer learning and development expertise, course and curriculum development, training and content team coordination and recommend best practices for learning departments, academia and eLearning companies.

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About me

With 20 years experience working in IT throughout 20 countries and in more than 40 industries, I am an expert at working with distributed teams and understand what it takes to manage them remotely.

Passionate about education and empowerment through training, mentoring, coaching, I help companies develop learning strategies and create amazing content that establishes their expertise in their markets.

My mission

My mission is to enable women to unlock their potential to be the change-makers of the world by giving them the skills, making them believe, turning on their light. I truly believe that the future is female and women, when given the opportunity, are the instigators of their communities to help everyone and change the world to make it a better place for all. I want to help as many women achieve that power – I aim to turn women into superheros!

My clients
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Patricia is a wonderful project manager. She performed on time and on budget, providing services that I would describe as “above and beyond.” She has a knack for identifying client needs–even when we fail to see them– and for communicating in clear, concise, considerate language. A joy to work with!!

– Katty Kauffman, Senior Interpreter at Katty Kauffman and Associates


As a part of Shecosystem’s Energy Exchange program, Pat researched and implemented a new coworking software platform that is transforming our daily operations and member management systems. Her research was thorough and she applied a critical eye to the entire process, noticing flaws hiding under all the flash and helping me make a good decision. Pat’s humour and can-do attitude are wonderful to be around – she’s a true digital nomad making the most of her skills wherever she sees a need.
-Emily Rose Antflick, Shecosystem Founder & Chief Community Cultivator


Patricia is truly a “get-it-done” person. She is exceptional about understanding a topic, market, and business model and then adding value very quickly. You learn a lot about a contractor when requirements shift – Patricia handles the changes with grace, competence, and optimism – quickly identifying solutions and next steps. She is a great communicator, researcher, project coordinator, and has a positive attitude. 
– Peter Flores, Co-Founder Dalent Medical


Patricia easily absorbs the complexities of new technologies and translates them into concise, user-friendly text. She is a talented presenter who designs and leads trainings that engage and inspire. Patricia also sees the big picture and enjoys contributing to the success of any enterprise she is involved with, even if that means going above and beyond her job description.
– Howard Kiewe, Digital/UX Leader 


Patricia is an outstanding and hard working professional. She brought high value in our product development programs, writing excellent technical documents, training materials and contributed in our sales effort significantly. She is an achiever, has very good understanding of technical issues and software and is definitely a great asset to a company.
– Christian Chevalley, R&D Manager at ADOC Software Development 

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